Double Event

After a particularly exciting weekend I find myself having completed two very different, totally freestyle loaves of sourdough. The first was yesterday’s news. The second just went from the cutting board to my mouth and I am very pleased with myself. This time around it was a sweet bread with some butter, an egg, and some honey. This loaf got worked on though for about 10 hours as I let the prefermentation run closer to 6 hours, then a 2 hour rise after mixing, then another 1 hour rise after shaping the loaf into a giant horseshoe of cinnamon-goo-filled goodness. I cooked it at 475 degrees for 15 minutes in a humid oven, then turned the heat down to 375 degrees for another 20 minutes. Having failed at cinnamon raisin bread before due to taking it out too soon, I let this one go a bit further (7-8 minutes more) until I was sure of that hollow tapping sound they say indicates bread that is “done”.

The structure of it is lovely on the inside. I got a really nice bubbly bread that has a great sourdough chewiness and very very slight tang to go with the sweet swirl. I’m taking half of this to work with me tomorrow and hope it goes over well with the Monday morning coffee crowd.


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